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About us

Created & Run by

Students in Hopewell Valley, New Jersey

Hopewell Helpers was created to provide a simple and effective way for local high school and college students to find flexible, meaningful work around the Hopewell Valley area. Our organization exists to provide community members with a way to get groceries delivered, find pet care, or get a ride to a doctor's appointment while supporting hard-working local students.

Hopewell Helpers was designed with the mindset that no two jobs are alike. As a result, we utilize a "pay-what-you-want" model. We do not charge an upfront cost for our services and ask only that you compensate us after we finish the job with an amount that you feel is fair.

We want to make sure every member of our community can access our services. All of our services are available at no cost whatsoever to anyone who would be otherwise unable to afford them - just give us a call at (609) 474-4401.

Our team is a growing group of vibrant students and adults located in Hopewell Valley.

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