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What We Do

Individual Tutoring

Our tutors will meet one-on-one with your student over our remote learning platform, Lessonspace, or in-person. Our tutors will work with you and your student to understand the individual needs of your student and create a tailored educational experience.

On-Demand Essay Review

Hopewell Helpers English Specialists will review your essay and provide in-depth feedback on structure, grammar, and style. Perfect for students struggling with writer's block or looking to set themselves apart through their writing. Ideal for college application essays. No page limit.

Flat fee of $19.

Summer Packet Help

Our tutors will work with your student to complete assigned summer work packets. Not only will our tutors help your student complete their work, but they will ensure that your student comes away with a thorough understanding of the subject matter in order to best prepare them for the upcoming school year.

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