Our Pricing


We offer scalable packages designed to fit any job. Hourly rates are based on typical work. By setting a base rate, we are able to support our Helpers with a competitive wage and cover our backend costs. The below packages apply to most yard work, housework, and manual labor jobs.





Helper Task Force

Starts at $49/hour for two Helpers.

(min. 2 hours)

1, 2, 3, 4, or 5+ Helpers

For jobs requiring 2+ Helpers

or more than 2 hours long.

Small Jobs Team

Starts at $29/hour for one Helper 

(min. 1 hour)

1 or 2 Helpers

For quick jobs requiring 1 or 2 Helpers and under 1.5 hours long.

Tutoring, child care, pet care, and certain other unique jobs are priced on an individual basis. 

After we finish the job, we accept payment through our online payment platform, check made out to "Hopewell Helpers LLC", or Venmo to @hopewellhelpers. These methods are strongly preferred to cash payments.

We continue to offer our services at a reduced cost or no cost for those otherwise unable to afford them - just give us a call. We rely on the generosity of our clients in order to be able to afford this.

Long-time clients may recall that the current model differs from our original "pay-what-you-want" model. We opted to transition to our new, scalable-rate model for the fall to better position our organization for sustainable growth. We continue to experiment with different models and pricing structures to determine what allows us to best serve our community, support our Helpers, and grow Hopewell Helpers!

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