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Hopewell Helpers tutors are current high school and college students located in and around Hopewell Valley. Available for top-notch in-person instruction or remote tutoring using state-of-the-art software.

Offering individual lessons, essay review, summer packet help, and more.


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Our Tutors

Priya Naphade

Calculus AB/BC, Statistics, Algebra, Biology, Chemistry, English

Elementary, Middle, & High School Students

Owen Seftor

Math (Pre-Algebra to Calculus), Chemistry, Physics, German, History

Middle, & High School Students

Paz Baum

Spanish, German, Math, Sciences, English, History

Elementary, Middle, & High School Students

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Remote Learning

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Our tutors understand the challenges of learning remotely. We've equipped them with the experience and software to overcome them.
Using state-of-the-art digital tutoring software, our tutors are able to easily markup images and documents, create lessons, see and speak to their students, and much more.
Tutors are available for remote and in-person tutoring.


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